Android writing to file

If you want to write a file specific to your application (I am using this for object persistence) then here is a simple tutorial for reading and writing files without getting the dreaded

read only filesystem


Writing a file (i am using on object writer but you can use any writer)

``` {.js name=”code”} FileOutputStream f_out = c.openFileOutput(filename, Context.MODE_PRIVATE);

    ObjectOutputStream obj_out = new ObjectOutputStream(f_out);

    obj_out.writeObject(f); ```

Reading a file

``` {.js name=”code”} // Read from disk using FileInputStream. FileInputStream f_in = c.openFileInput(filename);

    // Read object using ObjectInputStream.
    ObjectInputStream obj_in = new ObjectInputStream(f_in);

    // Read an object.
    Object obj = obj_in.readObject();

    // Is the object that you read in, say, an instance
    // of the Vector class?
    if (obj instanceof ArrayList) {
        return (ArrayList) obj;

    } ```