JQuery Floating Menu Bar

So you have a menu bar under your website header, but wouldn”t it be cool to keep that menu bar at the top of the client’s screen even when they scroll out of view?

Here’s how I solved that problem.

First I have my webpage header, it has a logo at the top and the menu bar in a UL underneath.

``` {.js name=”code”}

” class=”_logo” alt=”test”/>
CRM: ${client.name} (${client.customerNumber}/${client.branchNumber})
“ class=”user_icon”/><%=request.getRemoteUser()%>

” id=”menu_cisHome” >CRM Home
Quick Search
“ class=’selected”>All Tasks “
class=’selected”>All Open Tasks
“ class=’selected”>My Open Tasks
“ class=’selected”>All My Tasks
“ class=’selected”>All Unassigned Tasks