Install Cloud9 IDE in Debian

I recently came across Cloud9 IDE, a web based code editor that allows editing of your code from anywhere via a web browser. The IDE uses node.js and html5 features to provide a fantastic user interface.

I decided to give it a go on my (debian based) server, here is are the steps I took, I have included further resources at the bottom of the page.

install git

``` {.js name=”code”} sudo apt-get install git-core

install apache 2 utils (needed for node.js)

``` {.js name="code"}
 sudo apt-get install g++ curl libssl-dev apache2-utils

change to the directory where you want to install the ide, then run

``` {.js name=”code”} sudo git clone git://

update submodules

``` {.js name="code"}
 sudo  git submodule update --init

install node.js (note: compiling node.js takes the most time)

``` {.js name=”code”} sudo su git clone git:// cd node ./configure make make install

start cloud9 ide

``` {.js name="code"}
 node bin/cloud9.js -w /path/to/your/awesome/workspace

And that is it! Cloud9 IDE is now available from http://localhost:3000

I plan to write a full review of Cloud9 once I have used it for a while, but here is a preview video to tempt you.

Resources: Installing node.js

Installing git

Git commands

Cloud9 readme