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I recently needed to increment and decrement a number inside a textbox using jQuery and couldn’t find a decent solution online. I decided to create my own generic plugin so I can re-use it where ever I see fit.

I have made the plugin as generic as possible so it is mark-up independent and you can use any element. I have also added the ability to limit the range of the input (the reason I created it in the first place)


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Here is the plugin code in full

``` {.js name=”code”} /*
@author: Matthew Reid @date: 07/02/2011 jQuery plugin to incrememnt the numeric value of an element Example usage: + -

  minVal - the lowest possible value
  maxVal - the highest possible value
  incButton - selector for the increment button
  decButton - selector for the decrement button   */

        incrementBox: function(options) {

            var defaults = {

            var getNumVal = function($element){//get numeric value of an object
                              var value = Number($element.val());
                              return isNaN(value) ? 0 : value;
            var correctValue = function(min, max, value){
              var checkMin = min!=null && !isNaN(0+min);
              var checkMax = max!=null && !isNaN(0+max);
              if(value>max && checkMax){
                return max;
              if(value<min && checkMin){
                return min;
              return value;

            var options =  $.extend(defaults, options);

            return this.each(function() {
                var o = options;
                var $obj = $(this);
                    $obj.val( correctValue(o.minVal, o.maxVal, (getNumVal($obj) + 1)) );
                    $obj.val( correctValue(o.minVal, o.maxVal, (getNumVal($obj) - 1)) );
                    $obj.val( correctValue(o.minVal, o.maxVal, getNumVal($obj)) );

})(jQuery); ```

Feel free to re-use any part of this code.


Known Issue: This plugin will not work out of the box when placed in a form. Add:

{.js name="code"} onclick="return false;"

in order to stop the form getting submitted every time a button is clicked  







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