Python Dropbox Uploader

For my latest CodeFish project, I needed to be able to upload files to dropbox from my SheevaPlug.

This gave me the perfect opportunity to try my first bit of Python code. I found PythonDropboxUploader and decided to fork it on GitHub (my first time using git as well!).

The simple script uses a browser to upload a single file to dropbox. I did some googling and managed to change this to loop through all the files in a directory and upload them.

Looping through a directory was as easy as adding:

{.js name="code"} for file in os.listdir(path): if os.path.isfile(os.path.join(path, file)): print("found "+os.path.basename(file))

The result is available at

My experience with git and github was a bit more complicated. It took me a while to get the private ssh key working with github and then the process is slightly different from SVN that i am familiar with.

There is still a whole lot more to git that I haven’t even touched on and I am hoping to update my PythonDropboxUploader fork as I add new capabilities to it.