Android- Amazon Cloud Player in the UK

Amazon’s cloud drive and cloud player is an easy front end to their S3 storage solution that allows the storage and playback of music. Combined with the android app this makes a neat solution to the problem of playing your music on multiple devices. It is also cheaper than other alternatives such as dropbox (currently $50 p/y for 50gb) and the web and android players make it ideal for my situation. 

Having just bought a macbook pro (for my sins), I needed a way to access my music and files across multiple devices without relying on a single device to be always-on.

Setting up syncing my files to the cloud from my windows desktop was a doddle thanks to this tutorial.

The basics are (Windows):

I haven’t got round the reproducing the process on my macbook yet but automator that is bundled with OSX seems to be a similar offering to SynToy.

Android App in the UK

The problem comes when I try to play my newly uploaded files from my cloud drive on the android app. Because cloud drive is not supported in the UK, the app detects that in the language settings and disables the cloud playback option.

The solution

The solution is simple. From the home screen go to settings->language->locale

and select English(US).

If this option is not available to you, then download the app morelocale2 from the android market. Create a custom locale and set the ISO country to US.

After re-starting the amazon mp3 app, you should be able to sign into your US cloud drive and play the mp3’s that you have available.

Happy Days.