Using ReflectionTestUtils with Spring AOP to set a field

When using spring”s handy ReflectionTestUtils to set a field on an AOP proxied object, it has trouble setting fields on the proxy object (complaining that “field not found”). In this case you need to unwrap the original object from the proxy.

private  Object unwrapProxy(Class clazz, Object proxy) {
         if(AopUtils.isAopProxy(proxy) && proxy instanceof Advised) {
                 Object target = ((Advised)proxy).getTargetSource().getTarget();
                 return target;
             }catch (Exception e) {}
         return proxy;

(adapted from this) this can then be used to set call a setter like so:

ReflectionTestUtils.setField((ActualClass)unwrapProxy(ActualClass.class, proxiedClass), "someField", fieldValue);