Weekend Hack- codefishapps.co.uk

I have been wanting to create a showcase site for my android apps for a while. This weekend I decided to bite the bullet and produce an entire site in 48 hours. Here is the result, an html5/css3 responsive site.

The site is hosted on heroku, making it super quick to push changes using the git workflow. I am using cloudflare for dns (giving the site crowd-sourced threat protection). There is a nice tutorial for configuring cloudflare and heroku by Ryan Daigle.

The source of the site is available on github thanks to a quick tutorial by Karl Swedberg on configuring github for an existing git project (mine was already initialised for heroku). In short, executing the following from the command-line works.

git remote add origin [email protected]/*  */:youruser/remote-repo-name.git   
git push -u origin master

The project was great fun and a great way to learn new techniques.