Why Firefox OS will fail

In this post I will explain (based on very little background research) why Firefox os is using the wrong app submission process. I will conclude that Firefox os ultimate demise will be caused by a lack of apps. you have been warned.I should start by saying I really like the idea behind Firefox OS, it fills a gap where low-end android phones are failing to capitalise. I was fortunate enough to go to Norfolk”s first mobile developer conference mobdevcon. Speaking at the conference was Ruth Jones, a researcher for O2. Ruth was talking on Firefox OS and gave a brief demonstration of how easy it is to build an app for the platform using existing HTML5 and JavaScript technologies. Inspired during her talk, I was able to submit my responsive HTML5 app to the Firefox marketplace. Fantastic I thought, with the simple addition of a manifest json file my app would be live before I could say “Steve Jobs”.The following day I received this email from the Firefox marketplace team.

After reviewing your App submission to the Firefox Marketplace, we have determined that it does not currently meet our requirements for public listing.


App: BakeOff

URL: https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/bakeoff/


Reviewed by: Giovanny Andres Gongora Granada


All external links need to open with target=”_blank” - there is no browser UX in a webapp and on Desktop and FirefoxOS platforms there is no hardware back button. This includes adverts and links to other parts of your website that have no navigation back to the “app”


Tested on Unagi and Keon, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Tab with Firefox Mobile, Firefox Aurora


Once the concerns above have been addressed, you may resubmit your App from its Manage Status page athttps://marketplace.firefox.com/developers/app/bakeoff/status.


If you have any questions about this review, please reply to this email or join #app-reviewers on irc.mozilla.org. For general developer support, please contact [email protected]


Firefox Marketplace


There is no explanation as to what I should do to mitigate a lack of hardware back button. I have no external links on my app as far as I know and there are no dead ends. the application logo acts as a universal home button as it does with many websites and apps.I responded to Mozilla support explaining as above that I don”t believe their concerns are valid. I received a cc”d email to another Mozilla employee asking him to respond to my comments and then nothing….I am yet to get a response from Mozilla and this is why Firefox os will fail. My app may not be the greatest in the world but sooner or later someone will come along with the next big app. If they get a response at all they will probably find they do not fit the exact criteria for inclusion in the Firefox os store and they will go and find an easier platform to publish on (android).

p.s if you are into baking you should check out BakeOff.co - the app I was trying to submit.