Stark - Analysing search trends

When we launched Stark, the target market was young professionals who had just bought their first house. We hypothesised that our potential customers would be searching for ideas by room. Using our extensive experience (aka a chat over a couple of soy latte’s at the local hipster cafe), we came up with the following list:

To validate this list and determine the most popular room for revitalisation, we hit Google search tends. Here’s the results.

Google clearly shows the bedroom is the most searched for room of the house for people looking for decoration ideas. This is why the Stark homepage shows a bedroom by default.

Something interesting to note is that all of the rooms show top searches for small. “Small bathroom ideas”, “small bedroom ideas” etc.

This is an avenue we’ll look to make the most of via targeted search ads. Stark is great for small rooms because our designers have lived and breathed small spaces for years. They really know how to help you get the most out of your space. This is why we created Stark!