As monkigras 2017 draws to a close, it firmly cements itself as my favourite conference in the software development world. James gets so many things right, that developers hate to be sold to. They need time (and beer) to mingle and converse and pure coding talks aren’t the be all and end all.

I thought I’d share three enlightening conversations I had this year.

  • David Pollak on moving to event driven architecture - There are 2 types of thinking in programming. Accounting and holistic. In the accounting model (which comes from banking) everything has to be counted in and counted out, there is no room for mistakes and your programs must reflect that. With the holistic approach we don’t worry about the little stuff. If we are collecting metrics that tell us how well something is working, we don’t care if one little thing got missed or one transaction doesn’t quite add up. It’s the overall trend we care about. Even the FDIC has a mistakes department.
  • Kiyoto Tamura on start-up marketing - Don’t hire a marketer as a start-up. Finding your product market fit can only be done authentically by the founder. Hire as many marketers as you like after that.
  • Pablo Sande on bulding companies - If you think you can build something better than someone else is already doing, go out and do it. We are the ones with the skills, who else is going to do this stuff.

Until next year Monkigras.

For the beer.

Matt Reid

Lead Software Architect. Java, Node.js and TypeScript enthusiast.

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