Spring Cloud @FeignClient name as property

I’ve been using the fantastic Spring Cloud Netflix a lot recently during a project to migrate a monolith to microservices. I spent some time recently writing a set of Selenium integration tests using Sorin Costea’s excellent example project. I found myself wanting to run multiple Spring Boot microservices locally in order to run the Selenium tests. I wanted to run one service in particular locally but use Eureka for the others.

###Disabling Eureka For a Service

According to the docs you simply need to set ribbon.listOfServers for the service you want to point to locally. However I found this wasn’t enough, after much searching, here’s the final working configuration.

        enabled: false
    NIWSServerListClassName: com.netflix.loadbalancer.ConfigurationBasedServerList
    listOfServers: localhost:7000

This configures Ribbon to use your specified server list instead of those configured in Eureka.