Remote Working From an Airbnb

Remote Working from Tenerife

I’m sitting at the dining table, laptop open, looking out over the balcony to a sea view. It’s 20°C outside, slightly cooler than that inside and I’m sipping a coffee made just how I like it. Did I mention I’m being paid at the same time? This was my wife and I in Tenerife in March this year (when it’s much colder in the rest of Europe). We worked remote for a week in a warmer climate and it was fantastic. Before you book those cheap flights to your dream remote working destination, here’s a few things that we found useful:

Check the reviews before you book your Airbnb

Staying in someone elses apartment is great because you have all the ameneties that are missing from a hotel (kitchen, washing facilities and ) So when you think you’ve found the perfect remote working hangout, be sure to check the reviews for:

Bring your own portable speaker

If you are used to music while you work, you have the unique opportunity to blast out what ever you want while working remote. In my time staying in Airbnb’s, I’ve come across various quality of speaker system and some with none at all. Your best bet is to bring your own portable speaker so you can guarantee to have great quality music while you work.

Bring your aeropress (or coffee making equipment of your choice)

Coffee is an important part of the working day for most of us. It would be a shame to spoil it because your Airbnb owner’s idea of a coffee machine is a leaky stove-top they bought at the charity shop and never used. Bypass all this hastle by packing your coffee making equipment of choice and grinding up a few of your favourite beans into a glass jar while you are at it. Guaranteed perfect coffee while you work.

Bring your keyboard and mouse

Comfort while you work is a must, so unless your want to finish the week crouched over like the hunchback of notre dame, bring your own keyboard and mouse. Make sure you have fully charged batteries in them while you are at it. Another tip is to raise your laptop up on a box while you work to avoid bending your neck the whole time.

Make sure you have mobile internet

You will want a backup internet connection in case your Airbnb’s wifi goes down (it happens to the best of us). Tethering your mobile data connection will help you get back online quick sharp.

Set your laptop to the timezone of your office

This only works if your timezone is a couple hours different. Setting your laptop to your office timezone will mean you don’t miss out on meetings and you can time your lunch around that of your colleagues.

Over communicate

Make sure your colleagues know you are available and working. Be ready for the stand up and request to be included remotely in meetings. As the remote person you have to make the effort, in turn you are rewarded with working from a beautiful location, getting a break from your day to day work space and hopefully some better weather ☀️