docker-compose npm install hangs

getaddrinfo EAI_AGAIN

I use a two step process for deploying changes to one of my apps, first docker-compose build app to build the latest image and then docker-compose up --no-deps -d app to replace the current version.

Recently the first step in this process started hanging at the line RUN npm install. After much research, this appears to be a DNS issue. I tried all the suggested fixes, restarting docker and the machine itself but nothing helped. I could ping the from the machine itself, just not from docker. Finally, what worked was running docker in host mode (using the dns of the machine) during build.

Make sure you have at least version 2.2 of docker-compose

Check out the releases page if you need to upgrade.

Set network to host

Make a change to the build section of your docker-compose.yml

      network: host
      context: .

Now you can run docker-compose build app using the host network.

If docker-compose won’t start using the host network

In my case, the image now built fine but running docker-compose up --no-deps -d app resulted in an error that the host network doesn’t work with links. The solution here is to remove the “network: host” line, run the build step again (it will use the cache so npm install will work) and then run the up command.