On Wonder

Man welding

How does the jet-setting business person feel as they settle down on the budget flight to a little Spanish island with their family? Their heady lifestyle may be the envy of many but has flying lost its charm for them?

Wonder and awe is oft considered a sign of weakness or inexperience. A battle-hardened business person would never get so excited about buckling into those tiny seats, knees squashed against the seat in front and staring out of a port hole covered in condensation. But who is having more fun. The person who has done this a hundred times before, or their young daughter on her second ever flight? Why should we look up to that world of hard work with little reward that sucks the essence and joy out of the world. Why not seek the wonder in the small things? The way the buckle clicks together. The noise as the engines roar into life and the jolt as if your stomach lifts towards your head when the plan takes off. We are constantly given the choice between wonder and blind acceptance, so often we choose not to make the most of it.

Have you tried running up a set of escalators whooping recently? It’s jolly good fun!