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Matt Reid

Lead Software Architect. Java, Node.js and TypeScript enthusiast.

A lot of websites are after your money to subscribe to their service. A lot of their traffic comes from marketing emails. Most people read their emails on their phone, leading to a problem. Price tables are designed for full screen PC browsing… Enter the responsive pricing tables. Demo: Enjoy...

When using spring”s handy ReflectionTestUtils to set a field on an AOP proxied object, it has trouble setting fields on the proxy object (complaining that “field not found”). In this case you need to unwrap the original object from the proxy. private Object unwrapProxy(Class clazz, Object proxy) { if(AopUtils.isAopProxy(proxy) &&...

Just a quick one for converting cells in epoch format to dates, I am using this for data pullled from mongodb. =ID_OF_CELL/86400000+DATE(1970,1,1)  

To install NTP on an old debian machine, issue the following commands into the command prompt. wget dpkg -i ntpdate_4.2.4p4+dfsg-8lenny3_amd64.deb ntpdate -b