Matt Reid | Senior Software Developer

Matthew Reid is a Full Stack web developer, specialising in Java and the JVM, js and web frameworks. He has a passion for clean code, entrepreneurship, company culture and making the world a better place.

I have been working on a Spring MVC web app that needed to accept a multi-part file upload (an excel file in this case). There are plenty of examples of handling file uploads with Spring but I couldn’t find a concrete example for a web app that was using a...

I recently found myself needing to embed a velocity template in a project that was being bundled with the web app that I was developing, this meant that the template file would only be accessible from inside a jar file.

I am working on my latest codefish android app which utilises Jsch to send files over SFTP. I couldn’t find a complete example of creating an SFTP connection using a password so I thought I’d post one.

I was tasked with writing a quick report from an existing sql in a hibernate 3 and spring mvc application that I have been working on. I decided that the quickest way to get this done would be to create a new POJO and use the existing sql as a...

Today I had to select a distinct column on a DB2 table but I also wanted the query ordered. When I tried select distinct title from product order by price, qty the sql compiler complained that it didn’t recognise the order by statement.