Marketing Automation Will Bring More Qualified Leads


Lists Builder

It's very easy to start creating email lists for your marketing actions. Just create your Tivo account


Campaign Tracker

Campaigns is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Tivo's functionalities


Analytics Tool

Tivo collects customer data in order to help you analyse different situations and take required action


Marketing Automation

Take your business strategy to the next level and automatize your marketing tasks to save time for product development. Tivo can provide results in less than 2 weeks


List Building Is Easier Than Ever

It's very easy to start using Tivo. You just need to fill out and submit the Sign Up Form and you will receive access to the app and all of its features in no more than 24h.

  • Create and embed on websites newsletter sign up forms
  • Manage forms and landing pages for your services
  • Add and remove subscribers using the control panel

Campaigns Monitoring Tools

Campaigns monitoring is a feature we've developed since the beginning because it's at the core of Tivo and basically to any marketing activity focused on results.

  • Easily plan campaigns and schedule their starting date
  • Start campaigns and follow their evolution closely
  • Evaluate campaign results and optimize future actions

Analytics Control Panel

Analytics control panel is important for every marketing team so it's beed implemented from the begging and designed to produce reports based on very little input information.

  • If you set it up correctly you will get acces to great intel
  • Easy to integrate in your websites and landing pages
  • The generated reports are important for your strategy

Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Marketing Solution

Target the right customers for your business with the help of Tivo's patented segmentation technology and deploy efficient marketing campaigns. Keep your customers happy and loyal.

  • Understand customers and meet their requirements
  • Targeted client base with Tivo's efficient technology
What better way to show off Tivo marketing automation saas app than presenting you some great situations of each module and tool available to users in a video

Pricing Options Table

I started to use Tivo with the free trial about a year ago and never stopped since then. It does all the repeating marketing tasks and allows me to focus on core development activities like new product research and design. I love it and recommend it to everyone.
Jude Thorn - Online Marketer
Awesome features for the money. I never thought such a low ammount of money would bring me so many leads per month. Before Tivo I used the services of an agency which cost 10x more and delivered far less. Highly recommended to marketers focused on results.
Roy Smith - Developer
Tivo is the best marketing automation app for small and medium sized business. It understands the mindset of young entrepreneurs and provides the necessary data for wise marketing decisions. Just give it a try and you will definitely not regret spending your time.
Marsha Singer - Online Marketer
Tivo is one of the greatest marketing automation apps out there. I especially love the Reporting Tools module because it gives me such a great amount of information based on little amounts of input gathered in just few weeks of light weight usage. Recommended!
Ronda Louis - Online Marketer

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