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Matt Reid

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Anyone using the nbandroid plugin for netbeans to develop android apps may have come accross the same problem I did. doesn’t seem to get updated. In order to fix this, add the following lines to the AnroidManifest.xml and ‘build’ the project again. ``` {.js name=”code”} Generating /

While overhauling a customer information system I found myself needing to display a map of a customers postcode without forcing the user to leave the page. Here is the solution I came up with. ``` {.js name=”code”} var map; var geocoder; function init() { geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder(); } function...

I was recently using 2 date pickers to allow the user to select a date range and was in need of a dynamic date-restriction function. Here it is: ``` {.js name=”code”} $(‘.datePicker’).datepicker({ dateFormat:”dd-mm-yy”, showAnim:”show”, beforeShow: customRange }); <%-- the toDate can only select dates after the fromDate (and vice-versa) --%>...

A word of warning to anyone with an android phone. If your account is set up as … rather than then you could have problems downloading from the android marketplace. Luckily some fine fellow has posted a set of simple instructions to fix this: click here  

I had to reinstall ubuntu because I messed around with it too much.Just a quick note to document installing the driver for my ATI radeon 9200se graphics cardInstructions here